Faculty & Staff

Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood

University of Delaware
Department of Human Development and Family Studies
College of Education & Human Development
111 Alison Hall West
Newark, DE 19716
302-831-3239 (phone)
302-831-8776 (fax)

Staff, Faculty Affiliates, and Partner Organizations

Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood 302-831-3239 Institute-Early-Childhood@udel.edu  
Buell, Martha - DIEEC Director, HDFS Professor 302-831-6032 mjbuell@udel.edu Bio
Han, Myae, DIEEC Associate Director, Director of Professional Development, HDFS Associate Professor 302-831-8554 myaehan@udel.edu Bio
Bargreen, Kaitlin, Research, Delaware Stars 302-831-6893 bargreen@udel.edu  
Butler, Dawn - Assessor, Delaware Stars 302-831-7631 dmbutler@udel.edu  
Chandler, Alison - Administrative Coordinator 302-831-1535 alisonc@udel.edu  
Chantler, Linda - Professional Development 302-831-4313 chantler@udel.edu  
Cheyney-Morgan, Jessica - Assessor, Delaware Stars 302-831-7631 jcmorgan@udel.edu  
Commodore, Veronica - DIEEC Assistant Director of Professional Development 302-831-2922 vcomm@udel.edu  
Constable, Allison - DIEEC Associate Director of Professional Development 302-831-4343 aeconst@udel.edu  
Cooksy, Leslie - Evaluation Coordinator 302-831-6872 ljcooksy@udel.edu Bio
Cox, Kelly - DIEEC Registration Coordinator 302-831-6932 kacox@udel.edu  
Farmer, Linda - Assessor, Delaware Stars 302-831-7627 lfarmer@udel.edu  
Haight, Chris - Administrative Specialist, Delaware Stars 302-831-7423 chaight@udel.edu  
Hallam, Rena - Director, Delaware Stars, Associate Professor 302-831-6563 rhallam@udel.edu  
Horwitz, Tara - Administrative Assistant 302-831-6764 thorwitz@udel.edu  
Hutchinson, Pam, Administrative Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-831-7629 pamh@udel.edu  
Hustedt, Jason - Research Coordinator, Assistant Professor 302-831-2055 jhustedt@udel.edu Bio
Hylton, Nicole - Program Manager, Operations, Delaware Stars 302-831-7354 nhylton@udel.edu  
Joe, Christina - Program Coordinator - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-831-2836 cjoe@udel.edu  
Kelly, Alvita - Program Manager, Verification & Assessment, Delaware Stars 302-831-7630 adkelly@udel.edu  
Oakley, Tanis - Assessor, Delaware Stars 302-831-7628 toakley@udel.edu  
Richards, Michelle - Stars ERS Assessment Coordinator, Delaware Stars 302-831-7626 mrich@udel.edu  
Rivera, Aridania - Assessor, Delaware Stars 302-831-7631 arivera@udel.edu  
Rowe, Joy - Professional Development Specialist, Instructor 302-831-7356 jmrowe@udel.edu  
Ruane, Barbara, Administrative Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-831-2969 bruane@udel.edu  
Skrobot, Christine - Assessor, Delaware Stars 302-831-7628 skrobot@udel.edu  
Smirlock,Valerie - Professional Development, Delaware Stars 302-831-2933 smirlock@udel.edu  
Sonnenberg, Mary - Deputy Director, Delaware Stars, Instructor 302-831-1210 msonnenb@udel.edu  
Springer, Patty - Assessor, Delaware Stars 302-831-7627 pspring@udel.edu  
Sudler, Peggy - Professional Development Specialist 302-831-6522 sudler@udel.edu  
Thomas, Annie - Assessor, Delaware Stars 302-831-7628 athomas@udel.edu  
Unger, Donald - Professor, HDFS 302-831-1030 unger@udel.edu Bio
Cortes, Jennifer - Technical Assistant 302-831-4315 jcortes@udel.edu  
Cutler, Laura - ERS Specialty Technical Assistant   lcutler@udel.edu  
Davis, Sylvia - Specialty Technical Assistant - Health & Nutrition   sylviad@udel.edu  
Devlin, Patrick - Technical Assistant   pmdevlin@udel.edu  
Dixon, Barbara - Technical Assistant Mentor   bdixon@udel.edu  
Edwards, Nancy - Technical Assistant Mentor   edwards@udel.edu  
Endicott, Colleen - Specialty Technical Assistant   cendi@udel.edu  
Gigous, Lindsay - ERS Specialty Technical Assistant   lgigous@udel.edu  
Greenlee-Sparks, Laura - Technical Assistant 302-831-3486 lgsparks@udel.edu  
Irwin, Melissa - Specialty Technical Assistant   melissab@udel.edu  
Johnson, Dena - Technical Assistant 302-831-3050 dtj@udel.edu  
Julia-Pallante, Meghan - Technical Assistant 302-831-4224 mjulia@udel.edu  
Lewis, Pamela - Technical Assistant 302-831-3056 pamlewis@udel.edu  
Pennebaker, Patrizia - TA/Assessment/Recruitment Support   patrizia@udel.edu
Potts, Jennifer - Technical Assistant 302-831-3057 jpotts@udel.edu  
Reagan, Daniel - Technical Assistant 302-831-3486 dreagan@udel.edu  
Spencer, Michelle - Technical Assistant 302-831-3050 mspencer@udel.edu  
Todd, Ada - Technical Assistant 302-831-4315 adatodd@udel.edu  
Van Sickle, Molly - Technical Assistant   mvan@udel.edu  
Watkins, Alexa - Technical Assistant 302-831-3486 alexaw@udel.edu  
Yoder, Holly - Technical Assistant   hyoder@udel.edu  
University of Delaware Faculty Affiliates      
Bradley, Peg, Director, Early Learning Center 302-831-1023 pbradley@udel.edu Bio
Fleury-Steiner, Ruth, Associate Professor 302-831-8560 rfs@udel.edu Bio
Nelson, Pat, Professor 302-831-1329 ptnelson@udel.edu Bio
Palkovitz, Rob, Professor 302-831-8559 robp@udel.edu Bio
Paris, Cynthia, Director, Laboratory Preschool, Associate Professor 302-831-8557 cparis@udel.edu Bio
Pollock, Katrina, Clinical Faculty 302-831-3052 kpollock@udel.edu Bio
Torbert, Deborah G., Clinical Faculty 302-831-8462 dtorbert@udel.edu Bio
Vu, Jennifer, Assistant Professor 302-831-7355 jvu@udel.edu Bio
Worden, Lynn, Assistant Professor 302-831-1922 worden@udel.edu Bio
Some of our Partner Organizations:    
Children and Families First 302-658-5177 http://www.cffde.org
   Altemus, Beth - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-824-3027 beth.altemus@cffde.org
   Mackey, Amanda - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-479-1691 amanda.collier@cffde.org
   Renshaw, Valerie - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-658-5177 valerie.renshaw@cffde.org
   Newman, Leslie, CEO 302-777-9753 leslie.newman@cffde.org
   Prettyman, Andrea - Team Leader Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-674-8384 Ext. 119 andrea.prettyman@cffde.org
   Russell, Elaine, Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars   elaine.russell@cffde.org
   Schreiber, Karen - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars   karen.schreiber@cffde.org
   Taylor, Sue - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-479-1691 Sue.Taylor@cffde.org
   Williams, Cathy - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars   cathy.williams@cffde.org
   Winslow, Peggy - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-479-1676 peggy.winslow@cffde.org
Delaware Association for the Education of Young Children - DAEYC 302-764-1501 http://www.daeyc.org/TEACH.html
Delaware Department of Education 302-735-4295 http://www.doe.k12.de.us
Delaware Department of Health and Social Services  
Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families   http://kids.delaware.gov/default.shtml
Easter Seals 302-324-4444 http://www.easterseals.com/site/PageServer
  Adams, Germaine - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars   gadams@esdel.org
  Attarian, Lea - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars   lattarian@esdel.org
  Endicott, Colleen - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-293-6585 cendicott@esdel.org
  Grice, Elaine - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-253-1100 egrice@esdel.org
  MacDonald, Julie - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars 302-324-4444 jmacdonald@esdel.org
  Mark, Sheri - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars   smark@esdel.org
  McDonough, Jackie - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars   jmcdonough@esdel.org
  Naylor, Cynthia - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars   cnaylor@esdel.org
  Scovell, Anna - Technical Assistant, Delaware Stars   ascovell@esdel.org
Nemours Health and Prevention Services   http://www.nemours.org/department/nhps.html
United Way of Delaware   http://www.uwde.org

Additional Telephone Numbers

Office of Child Care Licensing, New Castle County 302-892-5800
Office of Child Care Licensing, Kent / Sussex Counties 302-739-5487
Department of Education, Early Development and Learning Resources 302-735-4295
T.E.A.C.H. - Delaware Association for the Education of Young Children 302-764-1501
TECE 1 & 2 Training for Early Care and Education  
DE Technical & Community College, Owens Campus, Georgetown 302-855-1617
DE Technical & Community College, Terry Campus, Dover 302-857-1400
DE Technical & Community College, Wilmington & Stanton Campus, Wilmington 302-571-5378
Delaware Skills Center, Wilmington 302-654-5392
Marshallton Education Center, Wilmington 302-683-3652
POLYTECH Adult Education 302-697-4545
Sussex Tech, Georgetown 302-856-9035