Curriculum Approval

Early Childhood Instructors & Technical Assistants - Curriculum Approval

Professionals developing early childhood curriculum that is quality assured by the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood are expected to have specific competencies. These competencies vary depending upon the type of information and presentation format. For a draft of these proposed competencies, click here.

The quality assurance of Training Curriculum is guided by a set of standards for each level of instruction. There are 3 possible levels of instruction that DIEEC quality assures. These include Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 trainings. The Training Matrix summarizes the five different “level” trainings, of which DIEEC assures the quality of only three.

When curricula are submitted for review, they are “blind reviewed.” In other words, the reviewers do not know the name of the person and sponsoring organization submitting the curriculum. The review committee consists of DIEEC staff and Institute Faculty Affiliates at the University of Delaware. Reviewers use Scoring Rubrics to evaluate curriculum that is submitted. There are different Scoring Rubrics for each level of training. Please see the Scoring Rubrics below.

Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood Curriculum Scoring Rubrics

Curriculum Scoring Rubric Level 2 Trainings
Curriculum Scoring Rubric Level 3 Trainings
Curriculum Scoring Rubric Level 4 Trainings

How to Submit Curriculum for Quality Assurance

We welcome new submissions of curriculum. Curriculum will be “scored” for quality assurance. Those submitting curriculum will also receive written feedback from the review committee.

When a curriculum has been developed and is ready to be quality assured and “leveled” by the DIEEC, the Curriculum Registry Application Form (PDF 18K) should be completed and submitted along with the curriculum.

Guidelines are provided to assist you in preparing your curriculum to be quality assured. There are separate guidelines for each level of training curriculum.

Level 2 Training Curriculum Guidelines (PDF 28K)
Level 3 Training Curriculum Guidelines (PDF 32K)
Level 4 Training Curriculum Guidelines (PDF 32K)

Resources for curriculum development

Early Learning Foundations

K-12 Standards

Early Childhood Competencies

If you have any questions during this process, please contact the Institute for assistance (302) 831-3239 or email