Child Care Subsidy

Early Childhood Instructors & Techinical Assistants - Child Care Subsidy

Delaware’s child care subsidy program is administered by the Division of Social Services (DSS) of the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services. DSS provides child care services to eligible Delaware families with children who need care and who are under the age of 13, or children 13 through 18 years of age who are physically or mentally incapable of caring for themselves or who are in need of protective services. It additionally subsidizes child care expenses of financially eligible parents to facilitate employment.

Delaware’s Child Care Subsidy Program offers the following services:

A. An evaluation of the need for child care services;

B. A determination of financial eligibility;

C. An assessment of the family's child care needs;

D. An explanation of the available types of child care, the choices parents/caretakers have regarding these provider types, and various provider requirements such as licensure, health, and safety;

E. An explanation of the State’s payment rates and fee scale, including a discussion of how DSS assesses fees, where fees are to be paid, what happens if they are not paid, and how parents/caretakers are to keep DSS informed of changes that affect fees; and

F. An explanation of parent/caretakers’ rights as recipients of DSS subsidized child care, including:

  1. the right to retain legal rights to their child while the child is in care,
  2. the right to make decisions about the choice of child care and child care provider,
  3. the right to request information about any substantiated parental complaints on any licensed or license-exempt child care provider, and
  4. the right to appeal any denial and/or termination of child care services.

(9 DE Reg. 572 (10/01/05); 10 DE Reg. 1007 (12/01/06); see Title 16 Health and Social Services, 11000 Child Care Subsidy Program, for more details about the program).

Contact the Division of Social Services for information about participating in this program.